Anne McCallisterAbout  …Or “Why I Became a Professional Organizer.”

My life has prepared me well for this business.

I’m the daughter of a list-writer and a pile-maker (I learned both skills).  I won’t say which parent is which, but they can drive each other crazy.  So I understand why different styles of organization work for different people.

Because I was a liberal arts major in college (Speech Communications, go figure), I didn’t start out knowing anything about bookkeeping, expense reports or business.  But stepping into a wide variety of administrative, human resources, and event-management roles throughout my career has given me confidence in and appreciation for all these areas.

Along the way, I helped put together a company and later dismantle it.  I learned firsthand why organization matters so much and to maintain organized records wherever I go.

As director of special events at the Oregon chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, I mastered the art of keeping many balls in the air at once — just like you do as a business owner.  This made me very empathetic to what you’re experiencing.

And finally, I’m a fourth generation Oregonian.  For those of you who aren’t, what this means is there are NO degrees of separation. People know me.  Several years ago, a few of them saw what I was good at and steered me toward it.  This started me thinking about having my own business.

And so I did it.

Beyond organizing skills, I bring some important values to the table when we work together:

  • I’m a taskmaster (but an empathetic one). One client referred to me as her company’s “den mother.”
  • I love having fun.  In fact, one of the best reasons to be organized is so you can have more fun.
  • I don’t need to be needed.  In fact, I want you to not need me.  I want to help you learn tools and systems so you and your team can handle the business growth you’re aiming for.
  • I believe in subtracting more than adding.  Less is more.   The recycling bin is my favorite organizing tool.
  • I love small business.  I’m not a big company girl.
  • I stay connected.  I’m a member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO); was a 3-term president of the NAPO Oregon Chapter; was the leader of NAPO’s Small Business Special Interest Group; currently serving as Co-Chair of NAPO National’s Education Committee.
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